Sorcero’s revolutionary Language Intelligence for IVDR

The first Artificial Intelligence-powered solution already helping major global diagnostic companies obtain full approval for IVDR compliance.

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Sorcero’s Language Intelligence for IVDR is fully validated and successfully deployed with one of the largest IVD companies operating in the EU, providing breakthrough capabilities across a number of critical areas:

1000% Faster

An order of magnitude faster, with an 82-90% reduction in time. Teams go from overworked to having extra capacity, overnight.


Never Miss a Thing

More capacity means reviewing 100% of relevant clinical literature. Up to a 2000% increase in articles tagged and summarized.

More Accurate & Consistent

Language Intelligence ensures consistency and accuracy across team performance, reducing risk.


Transparent and Auditable

An auditable system of record that will be in compliance with inspections from Notified Bodies.


Download our new Language Intelligence for IVDR Compliance Case study for in-depth information on Sorcero’s comprehensive, next-generation solution to IVDR Post Market Performance Follow-up.

Learn how Language Intelligence empowers teams for comprehensive, consistent, and 100% accurate clinical review in a fraction of the time of existing operations.

Language Intelligence doesn’t just get you in compliance - it gets you ahead of the game. That’s why it’s already being utilized and deployed by the most innovative companies in diagnostics.

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Read and share our IVDR Compliance One-Pager for information about the features, benefits, and capabilities of Sorcero's Language Intelligence solution.

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